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    The Transatlantico was born on the sea of Naples, at the foot of Castle dell'Ovo.
    Inside the magnificent Borgo Marinari in Saint Lucia that is a small Naples ityself, hidden inside the capital of Campania. A tiny coastal town attached to the metropolis, a world waiting to be discovered even for the Neapolitans themselves.
    The Transatlantic enjoys a privileged position with respect to the connections: we are halfway between the port and railway station, a few steps from Piazza del Plebiscito.

    Borough Marinari di saint Lucia
    One of the most picturesque districts of Naples, which takes its name from the shrine of Saint Lucia a Mare. Head of the most prestigious nautical circles of the city. Intense and magical place, which reveals the poetic and emotional side of Napoli that never ceases to surprise and not everyone knows.

    Legendary building that makes the unique profile of the Bay of Naples. This is one of the oldest castles in the city: it seems that the origins of its name dates back to the great Virgil, magician and writer, who hid in the dungeon of the fortress a magical egg that was to carry the whole structure.
    Today is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Naples, home to conferences, exhibitions and cultural events